Will it be a late spring?

Dear diary,

I don’t know exactly when will spring begin, because it is my first time living in a four seasons country. I mean a real live a life in Japan. Previously, I only came to Japan for having holiday summer school, of course it wasn’t as hard as today.

Ok, talk about spring, as I mentioned before, I don’t know exactly when will spring start. In my context, spring is a time when a flowers blossom, temperature becomes warmer, and hard rains with strong winds stop. Last week I found that flowers start to blossom, and then a whole day sun shone brightly. It made my day.

I though, oh yes, finally spring comes! Yipppieee…

But then, what happened to the next day? Strong wind and rains came perfectly to Fukui. Temperature went down again. Moreover, two days before, snow fell again. Whaaat? Snow? For crying out loud, it almost the end of March. It has to be spring, which means no snow, please… >.<

Back then I can not controlled wheather, I have no power for it, surely. All I can do is waiting for a brighter, warmer day.

Once, there was a grandma who sat next to me in the train. She said, ” kotoshi wa, ame ga futta bakari. Kotoshi yori kyonen no ame wa tsukoshi dake.” Which means, ” this year, it’s always raining. Last year, it was less raining than this year.” Then I asked Mr. Munadi whether it’s right or not. He said, ” Yes, it’s right. Because, last year, in the middle of February, there was no rain, although it was still cold, but at least no rain.”

Oh, what happened to this wheather recently? Is it a sign that global warming become severe?

Will it be a late spring?

Will it be a late spring from now on? Will spring greet us later and later? As the year goes by, spring will come late?

Hope it won’t. Hope soon spring will starts.

And when it starts, I hope all the things in here get better and better.


Nilna Amelia


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