Today’s chronicle

Dear diary,

Ok, let’s see what happened today.

1. First, got up late, found myself so hasty to go to campus, then my bycycle chain was loose in my way to campus, ow yeah.

2. Couldn’t concentrate in Japanese lesson, at all.

3. In the very very last minute of Polymer Class, one person had presentation of Bioplastic. Nice, I’ve already made the same one for the next week presentation. So, don’t tell me I must find the new one >.<

4. The data still the same. Same results. I spent my whole day in from of that-oh-very-nice LC-MS, and it didn’t get better.

5. I’ve got the call from Softbank and they said: you have to pay 16.500 yen for your mobile phone. Because there’s something that must be changed. Of course I said: no, thank you. It means: I must buy a new one, hiks!

5. I only ate one onigiri, and then found myself so hungry in 08.30 p.m. When I went to the parking area, I didn’t have any idea where my bycycle was. Oh! Someone moved it.

6. Got home, blogging, and then found this quote in tumblr:

If it’s green and wriggle, it’s biology

If it’s stinks, it’s chemistry

If it doesn’t work, it’s physic

Well, truth to be told, my experiments is green (well actually it’s brown and yellow), oh of course it’s wriggle, and I could say it’s stinks, and yes it doesn’t work until today.

So what my experiment is????

Aaaaaaaaaah….., It’s frustating.

And more frustating is when you want to eat nasi goreng that made by abang-abang keliling, you couldn’t find one here….


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