Let’s make this vogaye fills with happiness

Dear diary,

I can’t sleep. It’s alreadt 01.27 a.m. I supposed to be sleep because tomorrow ups, I mean today, I’ll do the research from the beginning (again). Well, actually it doesn’t matter, because it’s Saturday after all.  I could come to laboratory whenever I want.

Lets see, yesterday I showed my data to Sensei, and as I’ve already guessed, Sensei told me that my data wasn’t good. So, with his wide smile, he said, “do it one more time. You must have 80% – 90% of extracted HBCD in your final concentration. Do it from the beginning.”

And all I just could say: ” I understand.” >.<

Well, actually it wasn’t a bad thing at all. I already knew Sensei would say it. And I already prepared myself for it. Hahahahaa… So, I accepted Sensei words will all my heart and my strength (ahahahay, lebay mode on).

Talk about yesterday, as usual I’ve got Japanese class in Friday morning. I learned a “conditional” form of Japanese. And then Sensei asked to Louis (the only man in the class) this question:

” kikai ga areba, nani o shitaindesuka?”

which means

” if you have chance, what would you do?”

then Louis answered

” watashi no kuni he kaeritaindesu.”

which means

” going home to my country”

Then Sensei laughed. ” Ah…minna mo kuni he kaeritaindesuka?” Do all of you want to go home too?”

And we (the whole class) said yes with miserable face.

From the conversation above, I learned that all of the international student, wherever they come from, they really really want to go to their beloved country so badly.

Well, we’re in the same boat, guys. Let’s make this voyage full of happiness. Then we can go home to our home country with wide smile in our face. 😀


Nilna Amelia


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