It’s been three months!

Dear diary,

One month to go, and this semester will end. Ups, I mean not that it’s really really end with no classes and research. There are still many class and seminar to attend, and my precious research to do. But at least, there are no morning class. Hahahahaa….

So, how’s my first four months? A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!! Hahahaa, how could I say, I’ve been forced to do many task that I’ve never done before. Analyzing sample with LC-MS, then evaporation, and also extraction, you name it! And top of the top, I must write my report in Japanese, and then if I’m lucky enough, I must have a presentation in Japanese. Amazing, isn’t it?

Honestly, I miss my Ecology laboratory in ITB. I miss do some excursion to some new places like I used to do in my undergraduate program. I miss to do something that I really really enjoy. And also, I miss to hear my college teachers teach me in Indonesia or English. Both of them will do, but not in Japanese, please. I’ve got enough Japanese grammar and kanji in my head.

Mr. Liquid Chromatography - Mass Spectropmetry

Ms. Evaporation



draft wakwaaw

Maybe, I haven’t enjoyed this amazing time. Not yet. But someday, I will. Lets do this boring repetitive task slowly but sure. And I hope, this boring things will turn to be my hobby.

Oh yes, I must. Because I have a competition to be an oil company president with him. I must win! ahahahahaahahahaaaa…


Nilna Amelia


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