10 reasons I love weekend!

Dear diary,

This is 10 reasons why I always cheer up when weekend comes.

1. I can chat all night, do webcam and voice call (maybe all my friends in Fukui already knew my habit…hahahaa…)

2. It’s Indonesian time! Yes, in Saturday and Sunday, I usually spend my time doing activities with Indonesian people. Either it is a big event like or only meet my friends in someone house and eat together.

3. I can sleep until 10, without worry I must go to campus for morning class.

4. No stress like weekdays. Even when I go to lab for research, the tension is lower than the weekdays.

5. I can spend my whole days doing my hobbies; watching movies, blogging, walking around Fukui, and many more.

6. Its time to do sport! Yes, nowadays I always spare my time to do sports like badminton or jogging.

7. Time for buy groceries for one week. Oh yes! I like it, because in weekend, there are more discount than weekdays!

8. I can clean up my room! I just dont have time to do it in weekdays.

9. I can eat many things, if I get tired of my weekdays food, in weekend I have more time to do new experiments in cooking, or maybe go to family restaurant with m friends, eat seafood spaghetti or seafood gratan. And me like the drink bar things! hahahaha…

10. Meet some international students! Aha, actually this one is new to me. But meet someone who has some feeling like m (feeling for missing home so much a.k.a homesick), then share about your struggle in here, could make your days better.

Okay, so I dont have any reasons to be sad when weekends comes!

And this week, I have an amazing Sunday! Yipppieeee ^^


Nilna Amelia


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