Welcoming Summer Time

Dear diary,

Lot of rain this week, yesterday I was perfectly wet. Condition that looks so long time ago I’ve experienced. And it was like Indonesia, lots of rain. Hahahaha…

And then, like all the people said, after this rainy days, summer will come. Hahahahaha… then bye bye to jacket, blanket, and hot milk. Then welcome to fan, AC, uchiwa, and ice cream.

Anyway, besides the hot things above,  still I’m looking forward for this summer. Because, there will be Ramadhan in this year’s summer. It’s my first time Ramadhan alone without my family.  I’m excited. I’m longing to see whether I’ll improve myself in this Ramadhan, physically and mentally.

Then of course, it will be Summer holiday. Even it’s only two weeks. I’ll enjoy my two weeks without research (hopefully). So many holiday’s plan humming in my head, and I’m so pleased to make it real, baby!

Well, three weeks to go, and then welcome summer holiday, welcome Ramadhan!!!!! I’m sooooooo happppppppppppppppppppppy ^^


Nilna Amelia


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