Summer Camping!

Dear diary,

Two days before I went to summer camping with elementary student. This event was held by Prof. Keiichiro Kagawa, my friends supervisor. Prof. Kagawa makes a mini “school” for elementary student who wants to learn physics. He teaches students physics with interesting yet educative ways. Often there are some lessons that actually for junior high school, but he makes it in an easy way to understand, so students will get the idea about physics principles.

Usually the “school” is held in AOSSA twice a month, every second and forth week. But, for this month, Prof. Kagawa made a summer camp while learn physics. So the students have to stay in a camp for two days and do some activities related to physics.

Then, I’ve been asked to join as a mentor for this summer camp! Yatta!!!!

We departed from Fukui Eki at 9.00 A.M with bus and reached the camp site around 11.00 A.M. Actually the camp site was a school like bulding. This camp site is designed for elementary students. And when we arrived, there are about three different events held for elementary school. So, there were many small and cute chibiko there. Hahahaha….

The first day was spent with solar energy experiments. We went to an open area and did some interesting experiments like seeing a rainbow with water drops, measuring heat transferred, and saw how solar energy could boil water. It was perfectly sunny and hot, so no wonder I’ve got sunburn. Hohoho…. But still, it was fun!

Then in the night, all of us watched stars. Those elementary students were so lucky, the night sky was so clear, so there were so many stars. We could see the Scorpio, Sagitarius, Libra constellations, also we saw the satellite! It was so small but it went around so quickly. It was my first time see a satelite! Then some students and mentors saw shooting stars! They mentioned twice. But I couldn’t see both of them. Hiks!

my small group, they are so cuteeee ^^

Then, it was time for ofuro and then sleep. To be honest, I couldn’t sleep well that night. Maybe it was so hot, and then I must sleep with my jilbab, so it kinda hard to sleep well. So, I woke up at 3 a.m and luckily, all Indonesian had same situation like me, so we decided to prepare the second days exam.

Second day wasn’t hard like first day. We only did Japanese kid’s “must to do list”, hunting insect! Do you know, the scene when Spongebob hunting jellyfish? What children did, just like that one.

the hunting activity

After that, we did “water lens” experiments. Students were asked to make the simple microscope and then observed the inscets they catched before in the “micrscope”. The experiments just so Biologically!!! Made me miss my undergraduate time when I must observe mini creatures under microscope. Hahahaha….

Then, all experiments were done. We packed up. At 13.00 P.M we went home. We reached Fukui at 14.30 P.M. And it was perfectly sunny like the day before. After all children went home, we went to university, brought up all the logistics to preparation room. Received a salary for this event, and then went home.

I was so tired, got sunburn and hives. But It was so fun! Lot of fun!!! So, it’s not a big problem for me get tired, sunburn, and hives. I wish I could meet then again! ^^

My first summer camping!


Nilna Amelia


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