Party with Sensei

Dear diary,

Last Thursday I was invited to come to a party by Kagawa-sensei, my friends supervisor. I was invited because I involved in the last summer camping. So, in Indonesia’s word, this party could be called as “syukuran” or “pembubaran panita”. One way to celebrate the end of an event, but for this party, we also evaluated about what summer camping itself. But, I think we had a lot chat about other things than evaluating. Tee hee…

The small party was held in Izakaya, it’s not the restaurant name. Izakaya means drinking place, so if you want to spend your night drinking sake, then Izakaya is the place. But don’t worry, for this party, I was with three Indonesian people, and Kagawa-sensei really really understant about Moslem. So, he ordered for us foods and drinks without alcohol and meat.

We ate a lot! Of course! It was a rare thing, especially for me. I seldom being invited for a party. Free of charge! Usually, in Japan, we must pay for coming to a party. But, for that day, it didn’t.

Sensei, you’re so kind for us that didn’t have someone who cooks for us in home. Wkwkwkwkwkwk…

Ok, here, the picture of what me and my friends ate that time. Some foods are delicious, but some aren’t. Still, I went home with fully stomatch.  ^^

The appetizer was a "fresh" start. Yummy sashimi!!!

Still appetizer, Japanese salad

Fried fish. But it was like eating butter, while Adrian said it was too sweet >.<

Another fried fish, this time it was superb!!

Japanese fried egg. soft!

Just Tomato...

Ebi Furai. Kyaaaaaaaa....!!!! ^^

Matcha ice cream! Nice dessert ^^

Actually, there is mentaiko rice. Mentaiko is fish egg, from far away it looks like fish meat, but it isn’t. It was my first time eat that, and its taste didn’t bad at all. Honestly, I like mentaiko in that restaurant. I didn’t take the picture of the rice, neither Zener too.

Now, I’m craving for another treat. Hahahahahahaaaa….

Ah, anyway, thanks to Zener for the pictures ^^


Nilna Amelia


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