Dear diary,

One week to go until D-days. What D-days in this matter exactly? Well, it is a day when I will have a presentation to all the member of the lab about what I’ve done in this 6 months. What the achievement I’ve got. Honestly… no achievement until today, and I keep struggling to get at least one until D-days. Eventhough it seems impossible, but still it worths trying.

I hope I’ll get the good one. Really…

If I don’t…

Then, I must prepare myself, mentally and physically, to hear all the comments from Sensei and the others. And this is what I’m scared about. Moreover, I’m in the same group presentation with Koketsu-san and Fujihara-senpai, both of them are brilliants and most to be liked by Sensei. Being in the same group with them make my stress up.

So, here I am. In the such nice Sunday, when all the people having a good time with their friends and family, I am stucking in my lab, alone. Doing my research that still doesn’t run well.

Yes, seven days to go, I must keep fighting!

Just keep your best, and lets hope God will give the miracle to me.


Nilna Amelia


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