Marhaban ya Ramadhan

Dear diary,

Ramadhan almost comes. Times for all the moslem around the world greet this holy month happily, of course me too.

Although this Ramadhan will be the first Ramadhan without my family. I will have my sahur time alone. My parents in Bandung, and my brother in Germany.

And this Ramadhan, will be the first Ramadhan without ” Buka Bareng” in my home. Since I was high school, my house usually used as a place for “Buka Bareng” until I graduate. Usually at least there were twice “Buka Bareng”, for my high school friends, and my campus friends. Now I feel like I’m missing so much those times.

This Ramadhan also will be my first Ramadhan outside my home country. Surrounded by people who don’t do fasting, then very hot temperature. This Ramadhan will not be harder than before.

But, on top of that…

I am happy. Welcoming Ramadhan. The very special months among the rest of the months.

Wherever we are, whenever the situation is, whoever surrounds me, how hard it is, whatever it would be… Let’s cheer for Ramadhan!!

Happy Ramadhan everyone. Happy fasting! Lets make this Ramadhan unforgettable.

Please forgive all my fault, accidentally or not. And may Allah bless us, gives us all the kindness. And in the end, we could be the better person than before.


Nilna Amelia


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