Homesick (again!)

Second days of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah, it went well. I tried to fulfil all my Ramadhan resolutions. Hope I can make it all of it.

Of course, Ramadhan in here is completely different from previous Ramadhan moments I’ve ever had.

In the first day, I almost cried when I went to the drug store alone at 08.00 P.M. The atmosphere was really different, no one wear sarung or mukena and went to masjid. No adzan. No Ramadhan atmosphere at all.

And I’m missing all those moments.

I’m missing “sahur” and “buka” time together with my family. Missing es teler that my mother always made for us. Missing waiting maghrib adzan on MQ TV. Missing go to masjid for taraweh. Missing “buka bersama” with my friends. Missing mentoring time, missing read Al-Quran with my friends.

Being in another country, and moreover no religion in here, make me really really wanna go home, and feels the real Ramadhan atmosphere in Indonesia.

For all of you who read this and still in Indonesia, I would say, you’re so lucky. So please treasure all those moments.

Really, you are so lucky…


Nilna Amelia


4 thoughts on “Homesick (again!)

  1. wah….alangkah indahnya jika berpuasa di peradaban manusia…huhuhuhu…
    jadi…harus bersyukur juga walupun di negeri orang..hehe..

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