If I come back to Indonesia

Dear diary,

I know it’s too early to dream about going home. But, it’s not a sin right? So, I already make some plans if I come back to Indonesia. And here they are:

  • going to cinema, watch three movies in a row
  • driving my Bowo around Bandung with all NEWS songs are played on it
  • having creambath, hair spa, and “luluran”, spend whole day in saloon
  • going to Tanah Abang, Pasar Baru, Mangga Dua, it’s time for shopping
  • visit my friends who already have a baby. I promised them to bring some cute stuff for babies from Japan
  • going to Kebon Raya Bogor and Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
  • buy some DVD at Vertex…wehehehehehe…
  • and of course, meet all by bestfriends, my cousins, and my boyfriend..wehehehe..
  • goitng to Palembang and Bogor, meet my beloved grandmas and visit my grandpas
  • spend the rest of my days at my home, with my mom and dad

Ho, I can’t wait until that day come!!!!!


Nilna Amelia


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