Random thoughts

Dear diary,

I’ve got bad cough and flu today, so I decided not to go to lab today and went to clinic. Then I’ve got some medicine, went home, and spend the whole day in my room.

I’ve learned something: being sick in a far away country, and alone, is not a really really nice situation at all.

And I remember my friends who lived in Australia for two years, ” It’s better for you not to get sick when you’re far away from home. It’s suck.”

Yes it is.

So, instead of being sad, I spend my whole day sleeping, watching metro tv (at least, it cured my homesick a bit), reading Al-Qur’an and then facebooking. Hehehehe…

I spend many hours wondering alone in the facebook, and then found myself looking so many pictures of my friends in Germany. She looks so happy there. After I saw so many pictures of her in many places in Germany, I found some pictures when she left Indonesia for the first time.

Then I remember the same situation like her, in Soekarno-Hatta airport, with my family and friends accompanied me. Oh, now I know how I miss them all. I miss my parents, my besties, and my Indonesia.

Now I’m wondering, how are my parents today. I called them once, they said it was raining in Bandung. And they look so worried when I said I have cough and flu.

Did my parents miss me a lot?

What they usually do when all their children are far away from home?

Do they always think of me whenever they want to sleep?

Do they miss me making some troubles in home…

Aaaaah…. I’m over too sensitive today. Maybe it’s because of the bad bad cough. Hahahahaa…

Oh yes, then I found my senior in Biology who has birthday today. Her status is: ” brust into tears reading this sms: thank you for making mama and papa happy for 25 years.”

Ne, Papa, Mama, do I make you proud? Do I make you happy for 23 years?

I hope I could be a better person and make both of you proud for having daughter like me.

Ahhhh….just like I said before. I’m over sensitive todaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!


Nilna Amelia


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