Totally missing you

I know I’ve been so silly or over too sensitive nowadays. I even can’t control my emotion. I thought it almost reaches my period, but it doesn’t. I don’t what happen to me. But all I know that I miss you so much. I never been like this before, for missing someone so badly.

Maybe I must make myself busy, to distract myself. Yes I did it, but after that, I stuck alone in my room, and then I start to miss you again.

I wish you were here. I wish we could see how beautiful the moon and stars that painted in the sky. I wish I could see you everyday, not only when we did video call. I wish we are in the same country, same city, so we could meet up whenever we want.

But, for now, all I can do is keep praying that someday we’ll meet up, and then never separated again. I’m trying to be patient untill that day come. And I hope I can make it through all the obstacles.

I am sorry for being so selfish, posting this diary. If you read this diary, please don’t get angry. I just want to share my feeling, so I hope I could feel better. Once again, sorry for being so selfish.

 I’m totally missing you. Lot things I want to ask, to share with you.


Nilna Amelia


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