Dear diary,

Now I know, being in another country, exposure to another culture, and trying to get the rhyme of living in Japan while struggling not to lose your identity…

making me realize…

that I am proud to be what I am.

I am proud to be a moslem, wearing my jilbab, doing my prays in the rooftop, and fasting when the hot temperature covering Japan.

I am proud to be an Indonesian. I couldn’t hide my pride when I did presentation about Indonesia in my seminar lab. I was extremely happy when I hear some children said “Selamat Siang” to me when I’ve visited their school. I was grateful that I played congklak since I was a kid, so I could show to Japanese people, we have a conserved traditional games, not that machine box with joystick attached on it.

I am proud to be a biologist. And I am proud that I was in ecology lab before. Even my former lab doesn’t high tech like my new one. But I feel so homey there. I felt the strong family bond in every lab member. And all the laugh, joy, tears, struggling, and happiness when I was there still echoing in my head. Humming so hard, making me strong. When I look back, I saw those precious times, making me strong to take more step ahead, reach my own future. I’m grateful that I’ve ever became a student in Biology ITB.

I am proud to be Mr. Syahrul Arifin and Mrs. Fildia Edrina’s daughter, and Rifki Andika Habibi’s sister. Words don’t enough to tell how amazing you are to me. All I can say, I’m so grateful having incredible family with you all.

Yes, I am proud to be what I am now. That’s all.


Nilna Amelia


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