One advantage for being foreigner

Dear diary,

Just pass by two undergraduate student who will take entrance exam for master degree next month, then I noticed they wrote something in english.

all the conversation below has been translated into english, actually it was in japanese, but I’m too lazy too make bilingual diary for today. gomeeen -____-

So, I asked them, “eh, english?”

And the girl answered, ” yes, we will have an english test.”

I asked again, ” for entrance exam?”

Now the boy spoke up, ” indeed. You must see it, Nilna. It must be easy for you.” then he handed me some previous entrance exam. There are about two or three paragraphs written in english, and it is written that you must translate it into Japanese.

” Hmm…, actually, if I had this exam, I might not pass,” I said.

” Eeeh, why?” now Fuji-senpai asked me.

” Because… the task is about translating into Japanese. You know, my japanese is not that good,” I explained.

” Ah,” said Fuji-senpai, understood. ” But, if it’s translated into Indonesian, you can do that, can’t you?”

” Hmm…probably,” I answered. ” But, why Kurita-kun and Kouno-kun didn’t have a test like them?” I asked to Fuji-senpai. Kurita-kun and Kouno-kun have already taken the entrance test about two or three months again.

” Ah, two of them, just like you, Nilna, are the special students, so they only had interview exam,” said Fuji-senpai.

Me, special student? Are you sure? Well, maybe I am a foreign student, that is the only reason I’ve become special in this context.

” So, after english, is there another test?” I asked the boy.

” Yes, we will have english, genetic, and protein synthetis test,” then he showed me another previous test, all of them looked so difficult. I know very sure, if I had those kind of exams I wouldn’t pass it, definitely.

So, all I could say to the boy and the girl only, ” Ganbatte, ne!” I don’t know how to translate ‘ganbatte’ into English. But of course, it’s a common words, so you can undestand, can’t you?

Then I left them while kept thinking. My interview was totally easy, I found no difficulties answering all questions. Well, maybe because I am speci… ups I mean maybe because I am foreigner. Well, in this situation I must be grateful for being foreigner. Hahahaha…

Nilna Amelia


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