First timer backpacker

Dear diary,

Days ago, I went to Hiroshima. Yaaay! Finally I can go there, one of the city I intend to come since I’m in Japan. Then for this trip, I used backpacker style. Well, actually is not really really backpacker, because I went with my parents, and we had a lot of shopping, the one that backpacker style seldom do.

So, why I called this trip backpacker style? It’s because we stayed at youth hostel. It was my first time stay at a hostel. Usually I will stay in my friends house when I have a trip in Japan, or stay at cheap hotel with my parents. But then, I found one hostel in Hiroshima that cheaper than the cheap hotel we used to stay, moreover this hostel looks very comfortable for my parents. So, I decided to stay there for two days and one night.

I found that, stay in the youth hostel is more convenient, especially for me. Why? Beside its cheper price, it provides kitchen and dining room, so we could cook everything we like, it also provides lounge room with free internet, games like uno, scrabble, and even guitar. Oh also there’s a luggage room to store your bags, even you already checked out you still can store there, free of charge. One more advantage is you can meet people with different countries and have a nice conversation with them, and if you are lucky you could get some usefull tips about travelling.

Now, seems like I want to be a real backpacker. Hahahaha, I must make a plan for the next trip, then if I have a free time, I would like to go to many cities around Japan. Yeah, while I still in Japan, I must use my free time efficiently to see a whole Japan.


Nilna Amelia


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