My Food

Dear diary,

I can’t sleep, it’s 3.34 a.m right now. I feel extremely tired, but I couldn’t sleep. No, I didn’t get a nightmare, but all my works seems like follow me  like a ghost in a nightmare. It was all my undone presentation, my research, walking around in my thoughts when I sleep. Huhuhuhuuu…

And now here I am. Stranded in my own blog. I don’t know what to do, so I looked up to the old photos taken around my first time in Fukui. Then I found these.

All my cooking arts! Hahahaha… No no no, don’t hope too much. It’s not like art very much, but I proudly said it was an art. An art of curiosity for doing an experiment in my extremely small kitchen, with all ingredients that I thought I could have a food to eat when I cooked it.

I don’t know what I wrote. Nah, nevermind, coz it 3 a.m

Here they are! My food

my dinner in January, bean sprout with tofu saute, I don't remember the left one, maybe it's sweet potato fried. And yes in front of them, is a heater. It was very very cold, I couldn't do anything in a range more than 500 meters far from my heater

another sweet potato fried. This time, the sweet potato was cutted down into smaller pieces then mixed with flour, friend, and served with sweetened condensed milk

tofu pudding ^^

I made this because I saw my friends eating pancake at the Nannys. Huhuhuhu... it was so tempting >.<

My firts time sponge cake, don't judge it by its picture, it was delicious, I think :p

This is Ramadhan menu. Kolak pisang! But it was not only banana, I put sweet potato and pumpkin too...


Nilna Amelia


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