Purikura: First shot!

Dear diary,

Today, I went to the little shopping arcade around Fukui Eki (I could say it is a little shopping arcade, but what are you expecting from small city called Fukui). After Aya came to Fukui (yes, finally a girl come to Fukui! Yeeeeey, for me!), I’ve tried so many things I never did before. Last weekend was my first time eating at Mister Donut. Now, it was my first time watching J-Movies at the cinema and taking a picture at photobox. About watching at cinema, nothing special. But, about Japanese photobox, it’s another story.

Yes, we were being so clumsy about this photobox. In Japan, the photobox called purikura. I don’t know what purikura means, maybe it means picture, but you know Japanese always make English words transforms into Japanese words.

Purikura, is a bigger photobox, bigger than in Indonesia. You must pay 400 yen for using purikura (I know! It was so expensive). They have bigger space so you can make whatever style you like for your photo. And you can choose the background, so many background but so little time for choosing, so don’t whine if they automatically choose it for you while you’re so busy choosing.

Then, there’s a six photos taken, but you can choose four (if I’m not mistaken).

Ok, then after that, the screen turn into whatever-i-don’t-understand-at-all, so I just clicked “ok” and “ok”. Then in the screen, it was written the photo session is done.

We went out from the box, then we confused. Where’s the print out?! Hey, we paid 400 yen, but get nothing! For crying out loud, 400 yen!!!!

We took some minutes, wondering and wondering, searching where will the print out come. But got nothing. After wondering for about seven minutes, then we found another smaller box with computer screen and two pens attached. On the screen, there were our pictures!


We must edit our pictures by ourselves, putting some cute drawings on it and then we must pay another 200 yen (huhuhu…) for two sheets of print out.

And the results:

My skin looks so white, and my eyes looks bigger. Hahahahaaa…so different! Sure, they have more manipulation than Indonesia has.

Here the result!



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