Get to used live in Fukui?

Dear diary,

Last week, in the English Speaking Class, Jim asked us, is Fukui a nice place to live? Some people said yes, the others no.

And me, suprisingly, I said Yes!

Woohoo… So many whining, grumbling I made since I came here. But then, I stated that Fukui is a nice place to live. Hahahaha…

To be honest, recently, I feel like I get more adapted in Fukui. The slow life, peace city and calm night make me feel good. Instead living in a big city where every five minutes you could hear sound of train, or found drunken man in the middle of night, or even saw many things you don’t want to see. I could say, Fukui is lot better than a  big city for those case. At least, you can sleep well in the middle of the night, or even enjoy your quality time walking around in the weekend doing nothing, worrying nothing. Me like these very much!

Well, I spent my childhood in the small city or isolated island, so for me honestly living in a rural area like Fukui is not a matter at all. The matter is, being far from family and friends.

So, when Jim asked the next question: ” If you get the fine job at Fukui, with big salary, will you stay in Fukui? Oh…but there’s one condition for this job. You must stay in Fukui, at least for 50 years. Will you take this job?”

And I’m the first that answered that silly question.

” Of course not!!!”

For crying out loud! 50 years in Fukui?! No, thank you. How nice Fukui for me now, it can’t replace my Bandung at all. Hahahahahaa…



Nilna Amelia


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