Happy 5th Months!

Dear you,

Happy 5th months! Hope everything’s good there. And 12th November 2010 is a good date, I mean it is 12.11.10, good isn’ it? I’m sorry for being so cold when replying your message. Many things happened when I received your message, and I don’t know how to reply it, in the nicer way.

Actually I want to talk a lot to you. Especially about what happened this day, I need some support. But, I know, this is your happy day, so I won’t disturb you. Also I promise to myself, I won’t whine and whine over things that doesn’t go as I wish. I promise I want to be strong, so I can handle it by myself.

But things are getting worse, and I realized it’s hard when you don’t have someone to share with. So, I hope you were here, so I can share many things and maybe talked about something fun, so I can forget those bad things.

But you weren’t.

All I can do just staring at my monitor, wishing you’re online. But it’s getting late, and I must sleep early. Ah, if you’re asking what will I do on this weekend, saturday I’ll have workshop, Indonesian meeting, then spend my days lab, doing my presentation. For Sunday? maybe spend my day in lab again.

Ok, guess I’ll go to sleep. Have a nice weekend, dear ^^


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