Happy Idul Adha!

Dear diary,

Though it’s kinda let, I would like to say: Happy Idul Adha, everyone! May the meaning of sacrifice from Prophet Ibrahim AS and Prophet Ismail AS remains with us, then we could apply it in our daily livings.

Speak of yesterday which Idul Adha was, it was very very nice day! Started from beginning, I went home from laboratory at 12 o’clock midnight, when the day turned into 17th November. Have a good sleep, then I had many calls from my father and Aya, the woke me up, so I could prepare myself for Ied pray at Fukui Masjid.

I came to Fukui Masjid with Aya, 3 minutes before the Ied pray begun. There were only five ladies, including us. After Ied pray, there was a khotbah. The khotbah said about the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim family, especially Siti Hajar, Prophet Ibrahim’s wife. How she tried to struggle when her husband wasn’t beside her. It wasn’t easy, but her faith to Allah SWT and her trust to her husband, made evething she did was amazing. Especially raised her son, Prophet Ismail. Well, I really really want to be like her, someday.

After khotbah, usually there was little feist for Ied. The man will transfer some food to ladies room, and for this Ied, there was naan and chicken curry. Then biryani rice, and some light meals. Those were delicious. I even took some chocholate, sponge cake, and crackers that they served. I might need them to make my stomach happy during night hours in lab. Hehehehe…

After that, me, Aya, Adrian, and Mbak Dewi went to Mbak Desi house. She already served many many Indonesian food for us, uhm.. for Indonesian people, I mean. There were oxtail soup, tempeh, tofu, salad, and many many more!! Whoaaa, what a big lunch for us! Unfortunately, I was in hurry yesterday. I must passed the tokuen paper to my Sensei, so I couldn’t stay there long, though I want to eat all of them. Well, maybe next time, when there is no urgent lab things. Hopefully…

Then I went back to laboratory, passed the paper, and did my research. Until night came, I spent my days with many worries because of my paper. Do Sensei disagree to what I wrote? Do Sensei will get mad again? What should I do if I must start from beginning again? So many worries.

Then night turned darker, there was no sign that Sensei will pass the paper to me. I decided to go home, but then I saw Sensei passed the paper to my friends, which means maybe he will pass it  to me too, tonight.

So, I waited patiently. Sensei took a long time when he passed the paper to my friends, because he asked them some point and made a review. Listening Sensei’s comment to their works, made me nervous. Will Sensei get mad at me again?

After few minutes waiting, then Sensei came to me brought my paper. Uh…be ready, Nilna, I told to myself.

‘ Nilna, saaa…. ma~ma~…’ Sensei Said

Oh no, that’s ma~ma~ again. Danger, Nilna… Dangeeeeer!!!

But then, my prediction was miss. Sensei didn’t get mad at me, instead he gave me many feedback for my paper. The best point, I could discuss more about my paper, that’s really really nice thing. I know my paper still far from perfect, but I couldn’t help myself to stop smiling on the way home.

It was a nice day, that’s what I thought.

Nilna Amelia



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