2010, at a glance

Dear diary,

Okay, another year will pass soon. Looking back for a whole year, well I could said, 2010, otsukaresamadeshita! I have done lot of wonderful things, and I could not stop be grateful to Allah SWT, for this year.

Well, let’s see what was happen from the beginning of 2010


It was the first time I go alone to Japan for continuing my study. Then I went to Fukui, small city in the west coast of Japan. It is my dream, to continue my study in my land of dream. Thank God, I could make it come true.

In January, I also experienced my first snow. It was so freeeeeziiiing!! On the third day I stayed in Fukui, snow kept falling for two days. Made whole city so whitee and soo coooold!

January is the first month of my first new life in Japan. New major for study, new daily life, new friends, and so on.


I’ve got my scholarship for my master degree. And the amount of the scholarship is more than enough. And then I enrolled the entrance exam for my master. It was my great month, at least.


I went back to Indonesia for a while. To sign my scholarship contract and celebrate my brother’s wedding. 10 days in Indonesia was so short, but so sweet. I met all my families and friends. I also accepted as master student in University of Fukui.


My first month as master student. I did 23 credits. Almost everyday I woke up early because my class always started at 8.45. Ah, my class also in Japanese. Of course I didn’t understand at all. But then I’ve got used to it *oh used to it doesn’t mean I understand…wkwkwkwkw*

It was also my first month seeing sakura, it was so beautiful ^^


I went to Kyoto and Nagoya to spend my golden week holidays. And also, in May, I started to know him. And we became a good friends, since that day.


My class and lab schedule was so damn intimidating. Everyday I did my research, and research. Seems that all my youth was gone because of research. But it is the path I choose, so I must keep going straight to finish it, aren’t I?

But this month, wasn’t bad at all. Because, I have a boyfriend. Tee hee… Yes, the man I know from last month, asked me to become his girlfriend. 🙂


Spring has gone and Fukui getting hot and hot. My research also became pressure to me. But I had a chance became a tutor for summer camp with elementary student. The children are so nice and friendly. I like japanese children very much, compare to the adult! wkwkwkwkwkw…..


Summer holidays for two weeks!!! Yippppiiieee!!! I went to Tokyo and Kanazawa, met all my Indonesian friends. Some some days visiting many places, and also spend some money for Shinkansen. Huhuhuhuuu…

August is the first month I did fasting in Ramadhan. It was so sad at the beginning, but I could manage it. Even I must not eat and drink for 12 hours more, and the weather was so hooooot, I still could do my routine without many obstacles.


My first Ied Fitr in a far away place from home. But my parents came to Japan to celebrate the holy day with me. So, it was not bad at all. I could eat my mom’s food and made apologize directly to them. And we also went to Hiroshima, the bomb city. I like Hiroshima, it was so full of history. Hope the Hiroshima’s tragic day won’t happen again till the end of the time. Amiieen.


The beginning of fall semester. And I was so surprise I’ve got perfect result for spring semester class *well you know, I don’t Japanese at all, how could I got perfect score? But yeah, nevermind* :p

And in October, the weather became more friendly. Yes, because it is already autumn.


Pass so quickly. Everyday is research, every week is progress report time. Also I spent almost all my days in lab to prepare special presentation called Tokuen *8 credits* I also experienced stay overnight in the lab until 7.30 in the morning. So exhausting!


The perfect months from all the rest of the year!!!

1. I did Tokuen!

2. My nephew was born!!! So handsome and cute!!!

3. My birthday!!!

4. Winter Holiday!!!!

5. My boyfriend came to Japan to spend winter holiday together!!!!! :3


So many tears, sweat in this 2010, but there are also so many laugh, and love in 2010. All the unexpected things came to me, and I couldn’t stop to say thank you to The Almighty Allah SWT for the wonderful days in 2010. For the wonderful life, wonderful family, wonderful boyfriend, and wonderful friends, also wonderful experience.

I could see now my book of 2010 was so colorful. I hope I could make it more colorful in 2011. Hope 2011 is full of happiness, and I could be a better woman than 2010. Amiiieeen…


Cheers from Tokyo Khaosan Annex Youth Hostel, 2010/12/31 9.11 p.m

Nilna Amelia


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