Fukui heavy snow

Dear diary,

It’s been long time since my last posting. Now, January turned into February, leaving mountains of snow in Fukui. Snow kept falling from two days ago since today’s dawn. Three days ago I was very shock when I went down the stairs and found that all my apartment’s terrace was completely covered by snow. And I couldn’t see where my bicycle was.

snow in front of my apartment

On that day, I must go to health center in Nishi Kida, well I could say it is like from ITB (my former campus) to Yogya Supermarket in Sunda Street (sorry, got nothing else to be a comparison). The fact that there was lot of snow and the weather wasn’t good, I decided to go there by taxi. So I walked down the street to the nearest taxi station. But then I found than there was no taxi, (again) only a mountain of snow.

I turned to other side, because there was no taxi, so maybe I sould take tram. I know that Fukui tram will stop at a station near the health center. Accompanied by snow that kept falling, I made my walk to Tawaramachi-station.

I could say, walking in the sea of snow was not good at all. Fortunately, I just bought my new plastic boots, so I didn’t have to worry whether water could penetrate to my feet or not.

About 10 minutes less I saw Tawaramachi-station, and I directly turned right to the white street (it was white because covered by snow). Hardly I walked there, and I felt strange, because I felt in my feet that the road wasn’t like road. I mean, you could feel whether it was asphalt or now. But it was….like metal? I don’t know how to explain. But then soon I found out, that I was walking down exactly at the railway.

Oh my God!!! What if there was a train come from behind me? What should I do?? I’ve got nowhere to run, because in my left there was high fence, and my right side, well… mountain of snow (again?!). So, still in panic mood, I struggled to walk in snow while wishing no train comes either from behind or in from of me.

Luckily, there was no train comes.

But then, unluckily, when I made to Tawaramachi-station, neither tram or train operated.

No taxi, no tram, no train. Huuffff….. And Nishi Kida is a long long way to walk.

But I didn’t give up easily. I decided to walk to Fukui-Eki, wishing there will be a taxi there. Because in the normal days many taxi were lining up there. Okay, I kept walking then.

That day, I felt very hot instead of cold, even it was snowing so hard.

I reached at station, then agaiiiin.. because of heavy snow, I saw a line of men waiting for taxi, not even a taxi was there. Huff… Okay,let’s tried bus, I thought.

Just like I expected, no bus too.

Ooooooh!!! What should I do? No taxi, no bus, no tram, no train. No mass transportation in Fukui!!! Hello~ Is it Japan? A country where everyone said that has a very good mass transportation. Huhuhuhuuuuuu…

I wanted to give up, but I kept praying that I could go to Nishi Kida somehow..

Maybe Allah heard my pray. Suddenly I found a taxi waiting for a passenger in an unusual place. So, I talked to the driver, whether he could drive to Nishi Kida or not. And he said yes. Alhamdulillah~

Because of heavy snow, I reached health center at 10.30 a.m or more. The facilities would be close in 11.00 a.m. But I could manage it. Remembered how hard I struggled to get there from 9 a.m. Took one hour more walking down in street with snow all over my body. I feel very proud I could reach health center. Thanks to Allah for making my wish came true. And thanks to Allah again, because the test result is good.


I would never forget about that day, when everything turned into white.



Nilna Amelia


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