Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn

Dear diary,

A month ago, it was exactly one year since I came to Japan, my land of dream. So I already experienced four seasons in this Sakura’s hometown. Maybe years ago I never imagined I could be an international student, have a Japanese dialy life, interacting with people here, did many things I never did in Indonesia.


Let’s see, January a year ago, I came to Japan, with a 40 kg over luggage. Came to Fukui, amazed with a silent yet relaxing life here. Amazed how this city has high population of crows, high amount of snow, and very welcoming old people. I also very grateful being surrounded by nice Indonesian here, that might be I couldn’t find in another city in Japan.

In winter, I started again riding bicycle. Last time I rode, it was for fun bike campaign in my campus.

I met my Sensei, my lab mates. I started being an international student here.

wide and queit road new my campus and apartment

Then winter turned into spring. I started my  master program. Flowers also started to bloom. I like spring in Fukui, it like Bandung in morning. Not so cold, and because Fukui is a small town, the pollution not that high compared to another city.

It was my first time see Sakura. To be honest, it was like a normal flower. Just because it only bloom for a week (two weeks is the longest), made this flower special. And I also admitted that term of “kawai” or “cute” is suitable for Sakura.

Hanami in Asuyama

Spring passed by, it was getting hot and hotter in Fukui. Then Summer came. Summer in Fukui is very hot, yet very wet. I usually woke up in the morning with sweat all over my body. I had to turn on AC almost all the time, because fan didn’t help me and moreover make me sick because of its strong wind.

It was my first time having Ramadhan far away from my family. And my first time having Ied Fitr in Japan, with my parent, but not with my brother.

I had many great trips in Summer. Visited my friends in Kanazawa, solo trip to Tokyo, trip to Hiroshima with my parents, and went to Notojima for my friends farewell party.

The highlights were fireworks in mikuni, and summer camp with elementary students.

Mijayima Island


Mikuni Hanabi with International friends
Meiji Shrine – Harajuku – Tokyo

Summer was full holidays, then fall cames. So, it times for fall semester. In this semester, the classes weren’t so packed like spring semester. But I have tokuen in December. It was 8 credits presentation. So, all the times I spent in lab, preparing for tokuen.

It was my first time stay in lab until morning. Even in my undergraduate time, I never did it.

Because of tokuen, it didn’t mean I couldn’t do trip. I went to Katsuyama in Fukui-ken. Saw leaf changing colors from green to red or brown.


Tokuen paper

fall trip with Indonesian friends

Tokuen was wrapped. Then winter came. In the beginning of winter, I had lab trip to Toyama. With my lab mates and sensei, we went to Onsen in Toyama, visited super glue factory, and ate Ramen. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to Onsen, and didn’t ate ramen. But, it was okay, because I spent two days with my lab mates, so I could know more about Japanese life.

When winter holidays, my boyfriend came to visit me. In the beginning, we were so awkward. But then, as time passed by, it was the best time ever in a whole year.

Again I had Tokyo trip, but for this time with my boyfriend, not as solo. We had date in Disneyland, went skiing in Nagano, and having photo session in Kyoto with weird poses. Hahahaha….

I also visited Shirakawa-go, last week precisely. Finally, I could fulfill one of my dream in Japan. Visiting Shirakawa-go. It was my first time too seeing huge piles of snow. All the scenery was perfectly white, and snow was very beautiful. A scenery that you wouldn’t find in Indonesia.


Toyama lab trip


gassho-zukuri house in Gokayama and Shirakawa-go

One cycle of seasons already passed. Still I have many obsession and dreams to be fullfiled while in Japan. I want to go to Hokkaido, Nagasaki, and many other places. I want to experience wearing kimono, having tea ceremony. And do many voluntary works to promote my home country, Indonesia.

I’m looking forward for next great trips in Japan.



Nilna Amelia


6 thoughts on “Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn

    • waaaah…mbak Dina… apa kabaar??? saya baca tulisan mbak di La Tahzan…pengen bisa nulis juga kayak Mbak…hehehe…
      Kapan nih ke Hiroshima? Enak mbak disana, banyak sightseeing spotnya, kota bersejarah pisan. Museum bom atomnya recommended, mbak 🙂

      • Kalo sering nulis seperti di blog, pasti bisa! (=^▽^=)
        Hiroshima rencananya sih bulan ini, hahaha… tapi tiba2 kemarin kepikiran yg deket aja. Tapiii, suatu ketika beneran mau ke sana! Juga ke Miyajima (=^▽^=)

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