Happy birthday, Mom!

Dear diary,

59 years ago she was born, in a small city named Plaju, from a militiry family. She has very tough and discipline mother and had a charismatic father. That’s why all the goodness of her parents runs into her blood.

She is the oldest daughter in family. She has 3 brothers and 1 sister. She love them very much. She always made many many meals for her siblings. She’s not only good at cooking, but also good at study.

She went to University of Sriwijaya, took chemical engineering. On those times, she met a calm and smart man. They were fell in love each other.

1980, she got married with the man she loved since college time

5 years later from her marriage, she gave birth a son

then one year later, a daughter was born too

she had an amazing life, as a wife, as mother

she’s the woman behind his husband success

she’s the woman who cried when her children graduated

she’s the woman who smiled happily when her son got married

she’s the woman who always supporting her children, even now their children live far away from her

she’s the woman who always be as positive-thinking-woman, even in the worst condition

she’s the woman who my father loves most

and she’s the woman who me and my brother really really wants her to be proud for us.

She’s my mom, my friend, and always be the best woman in the world.

Happy birthday, mom!!

Wishing you a blessed birthday, and an eternal happiness.

May Allah SWT always be with you.

Love you!


Nilna Amelia


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