Small happiness \^o^/

Dear diary,

You should be grateful for what Allah gave to you, even it was a small thing. At least, those small things could brighten up your days.

Yesterday, I was so happy, because I found an ice cream I’ve been craving for a week. It was yukimi daifuku with strawberry and chocolate flavor.

Yukimi daifuku ice cream ^^

I ate this ice cream at my friend’s apato in Kanazawa. Then I searched in many supermarket and kombini in Fukui, but there was no result. I was so hopeless, but then when I went to Fukui daigaku’s canteen I found this ice cream in their ice cream freezer. I was so happy when I bought one. When I ate those ice cream, the strawberry ice cream was perfectly melting in my mouth. Hahaha…

Another small thing, I bought NEWS DVD concert. Although I didn’t listen much their songs nowadays. I still admit that I am their good fans, because I bought the original ones that made me swipe my credit card for 6600 yen DVD. Okay, but I don’t regret it, because I like it. Hahaha…


And then, a novel I ordered from Mbak Yayu, already came safely to my house. This novel shares us about life of Indonesian students in Japan. They told us how hard they struggling in this country until they reached their dream. A really really motivating novel. By reading this book, I realized that my problems were nothing compared to them. I really really want to be like them, keep fighting until finish line.

La tahzan for student

Thanks to Mbak Yayu for this novel ^^

Looking back small happines Allah gave to me. I want to make a small promise to myself, live my life as best as I can. So I have no regret when I reach my finish line. Amiien…



Nilna Amelia



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