Dear diary Just a moment ago my senior…

Dear diary,

Just a moment ago, my senior asked me why I don’t take spring break, like the others. Well, I have many many reasons behind that, such as:

1. I didn’t notice before that master program student has spring break. So, I don’t know this week and next week is spring break #poorme

2. I already went back to Indonesia, and if I take more two weeks holiday, I will be so greedy, moreover it will cost looooots of money for holiday (actually I was shocked when I see my credit card’s bill for next month).

3. Mention that so many radiation issues out there, and considering about all of my family worries. It’s better for me not to take holiday out of town.

4. Well, I made so many carelessness when I did solo travelling. I think someone will get angry again if I make same mistakes. Sorry, dear. I don’t mean to make you worry >.<

5. The most IMPORTANT reasons is……………….. I haven’t got good data for my theses, and I only have one year less to get some data and make my theses. So, I must keep doing my experiments, because time won’t wait for me and I don’t want to regret it when March 2012 comes.

So, here I am. In the bioprocess lab, with some two post-doc students, one technician, one assistant of my advisor, and one of undergraduate student who graduated last March and soon to be Master Student (long explanation, I know).

My wishlist this April: I could get some of good data. Amiieeen….



Nilna Amelia


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