Love this song so much!

Since Aya played this songs in her Youtube list, I immediately fall in love with it. It has good melody and also lyrics. It tells the feeling of someone who left her/his family to reach their dreams.  This song called Haruka by GreeeeN


The scenery of unchanged town keeps passing by the window
The sakura petals are dancing in the wind of spring, yearning to become stronger

“No matter how much lonely I am, I’ll believe in the road I chose”
The last line of the letter, it sounds just so like him that makes me smile

“Don’t become someone who tells lies”, that’s my father wish
“When you are hurt, it’s better to laugh it off instead of hurting someone else”, that’s my mother love

I remember the clouds floating across that sky, the “me” at that time
Without noticing the pains of others, I concealed my miserable weakness

If I had noticed, I would have known that I was always supported by you
That’s why this time, it’s my turn to support others

“It’s fine if you’re making mistakes, just keep moving forward”, my father’s smiling face
“Believing is easier than doubting, it’s a good feeling”, my mother’s tears

Goodbye, till the day we meet again
Let me carry your expectations and hopes
Surely I will reach my dream and come home with smile

True strength
True freedom
True love
True kindness
If I don’t know those meaning, I won’t be move forward
“I’ll find the answers myself”, that’s the determination in my heart

The wind of spring sends my feelings, and gently wraps up my tears
Surely I will reach my dream and come home with smile

Though I might get scolded a little
Because I’m always by your side, because I’ll return home with a smile
No matter how much lonely, I’ll keep going
Because I’ll surely return, these feelings are dancing in the wind
I’ll become your pride

So, let’s go

Listening this song, make me remember when I must go to Japan, looking faces people I love across departing room. Then how sad when you realize, you left them there in one or two years. But, life still keep going, the show must go on. When it’s about a dream that you wanna reach, then there must be a sacrifice.

But, later…. it will be paid off. Surely! You will come home with smile on my face, and you will make them proud

With those kinds of thought, I can keep going in the path I choose, smiling.


Nilna Amelia

Credit of lyrics translation by: CarepJan *with some of edits by me*


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