Today stupidity

Dear diary,

I just want to share about my stupidity this morning. While it’s still fresh on my mind, I will write down it now.

So, yesterday I planned to go to campus at 8 o’clock. But, instead I woke up at 6, I woke up at 8.59 a.m. One minute before clock strikes 9. Then I made up my bed, took a bath, did a pray, and then headed to campus.

Campus already crowded, because today is a second day of new semester. So many undergrads come to campus. Of course, bike parking lot is also crowded. Luckily there was a small space to park my bike.

I parked my bike and locked it. Then I managed myself to my laboratory building, but after one step, a bike beside my bike suddenly fell. I don’t know why, but it just fallen. Because I have a good behaviour (^___^), I took that bike and made it stand again. But….. front wheel of that bike nudged back wheel of another bike in front of it, and just take milisecond, front bike fell, and front line of parking area was full of bike. You know what happen next, just like domino effect, the fallen bike hit a bike beside it and so on… then all bike in the front line fell.

I whined, and then the first bike that I made it stand, just fell again, without nothing happen. So…, I made many bikes fall. Knowing I didn’t have time to make them stand again, I left all those fallen bike.

I just hope, there wasn’t candid camera which recorded my action this morning, or some people jumped out from their hiding place and say, “gotcha!!!”. It just embarrassing.



Nilna Amelia


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