Miracle happens

Dear diary,

It’s been a year since I did the reseach. A year without significant result. I was afraid if I couldn’t manage it, then I couldn’t graduate next year. If it happens, then my plans will be messy. Honestly, I was tired, tired with no result, tired to do same experiments all day without knowing it will be success or not.

But then, I though, maybe because of my negative thinking that this experiments will be no result, then it came with no result.

So, I changed my way of thinking.

It will be a great result, just believe it, and then miracle will happen.

I remember a day when I was in Siaware, a training to motivate yourself. A mentor told to us that if you keep thinking that you can achieve something with your heart, then the universe will collaborate to make you achieve it.

And yes, with a collaboration of my work, pray, I know that God tell the universe to make my experiment run well.

I was surprised when I see three beautiful peaks as the result of my extraction, then when I calculated it, I made it! I made 88% extraction! Alhamdulillah, after one year with extraction result below 50%, now it became 80% more.

I saw my Sensei smiling, satisfied. And he said that I can go to the next step of experiments.

I know that, it’s only beginning. Beginning of my great experiments. Although it’s a bit late, I know somehow I can get what I want, I can achieve it, as long as I keep trying, praying, and thinking positively.



Nilna Amelia


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