On your wedding day

Dear Hikmah,

Today is your biggest day, I am sorry I can’t be there. It’s been over a year since the last time we met, and now you ‘re gonna go through a new life called marriage. As your friend, I’m really really happy, because you finally made it with the only man you loved.

I still remember, our first year in ITB, all those days when we struggled to pass math, physic, and chemistry.

Also, it’s still fresh on my mind that you stayed beside me when I broke up with my ex-boyfriend. You hugged when I cried loudly in front of physic building on that night.

You were one of my friends who visited me many times when I laid on my bed on hospital and ICU.

You also accompanied me to do my experiments for my theses, although you have your theses defense next week.

Yes, you always stayed by my side on my hard times. I could say that you are the best bestfriend I ever had.

I’m sorry I forgot to tell you about my engagement, and now I will miss your wedding day. I am sorry because I’m such not a good friend of you.

Far away from Bandung, I pray for you, hope your wedding day will be the greatest day of your life, and hope you will have a happily ever after wedding. Since I saw you and Idam get together, somehow I know, both of you can make it. And it’s true.

Happy for you, Meh!

Happy wedding, guys!


Nilna Amelia


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