When spring greets Japan

Dear diary,

It’s already April. I could say, time flies quickly. Just like yesterday, I celebrated a new year in Tokyo Tower. Just like yesterday, winter with its snow accompanied or days here. Now, spring has came, it can be seen from flowers started to show their beautiful colors and forms. Although it still cold as winter, but sun shines brightly and flowers aroma filling in the air. Well, for me with high allergy, springs also means allergy seasons: dried eyes, dried skin, itchy skin, and also snotting nose.

Spring in Japan means sakura. And sakura means hanami. Hanami itself is a celebration or could I say a party that held while watching sakura. Usually held in the certain spot like park, near river, or else which has many blossom sakura. Hanami also enlivened by a festival. But, due to big disaster in Tohoku region last march, there is no festival this year, also in several spot especially in Tohoku, there is no hanami. In Fukui itself, hanami time is only until 10 p.m.

But it doesn’t reduce the animo of Fukui citizen to held hanami. They still celebrate it by held little party with some relatives and friends. For me, I joined a hanami with another Indonesian people itself. We had many dishes like satay, meat balls, and others. And many many Japanese enjoy their times as well us enjoy our times eating together under sakura trees.

Sakura only blossoms for about two weeks. It depends on the weather, when there is a strong wind or rain, then sakura will fall quickly. So, when it blossoms, then Japanese do not want to waste it, they will enjoy it as long as it still blossoms beautifully.



Nilna Amelia


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