10 signs that you’re a biologist

1. Your heart forbid you to do anything that could harm living organisms, e.g: your can’t eat whale meat because of their conservation status.

2. You prefer memorizing than doing calculation.

3. You like nature very much, and you don’t mind at all if you get wet or all your clothes covered with mud.

4. You have strong relationship with microscope, while you interact with it, you didn’t realize how long you’ve been spent time with it.

5. You don’t have holiday once you do an experiment. You don’t mind to go to your lab or field in Sunday, national holiday, night, dawn or when it is raining, snowing or maybe in a very bad weather just to do sampling.

6. You have strong relationship with your object of experiments, and often you do a chit chat to them. Usually you beg your microbes, plants or whatever to do anything that support your hypothesis.

7. You have a mind set that everything happen in your life has at least one correlation to biological things.

8. You feel sexy when you wear white laboratory coat, or if your field gear.

9. You don’t see a reproduction things as a scope of sexual behavior only, but it’s a science.

10. You almost believe that you are fully living organisms when you can breath, walk(move), eat, growth, respond to stimuli, excrete, secrete, and then reproduce.

*okay it’s just for fun anyway, lately I’ve been thinking how I put myself as a biologist, because engineering life has taken a half of my biologically thinking* 😀


Nilna Amelia


3 thoughts on “10 signs that you’re a biologist

    • hmmm…berapa yaaa??? yg jelas nomor 1-3 iya, nomor 4 gw sih jarang pakai mikroskop akhir2 ini, nomor 5 sering terjadi padaku, nomor 6 juga, nomor 7 kayaknya iya, nomor 8 hmmm…mungkin, nomor 9, gw ga sgitunya sih, nomor 10 ga gtu juga sih…jadi kesimpulannya ada 6,5 lah yaaa…wkwkwkwkw

  1. kalo aku holiday mulu (karena kerjanya di lapangan XD), trus ngerasa sexy kalau pake celana PDL, kemeja planel, sepatu lapangan ato ngapit pake sendal jepit, hihihi… :”>

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