2005-2008-2011 FLY AGAIN!!!!

In Ramadhan 2005, I spent all my days in hospital and ICU. Struggled to be a healthy person. And I made it, I never lose faith that Allah SWT will thrown away my sickness.

In Ramadhan 2008, I beat my fear, and I made my dream comes true, I graduated from my undergraduate course. I never lose faith that I can finish my experiments and Allah SWT will give me strength to overcome it.

Now, in Ramadhan 2011. I face my dark side, I still never lose faith that I can beat this dark side and Allah SWT will always beside me.

Never never lose hope…

Never never lose faith in Allah SWT

Its time to fly again!


4 thoughts on “2005-2008-2011 FLY AGAIN!!!!

    • Hi Nilna,
      salam kenal…semoga kamu udah sehat yaa..lebaran sebentar lagi ^^

      Mo nanya donks, maybe you can help me..

      Planningnya gw bakal ke Japan, via Tokyo-Haneda, balik dari Osaka-Kansai.
      Nah disela2 itinerary itu, aq pengen banget mampir ke Hokuei, Tottori (Conan Town)
      Kira2 kalo dari Kyoto atau Osaka cara yang mudah dan ekonomis gimana yak…maklum kantong backpacker…

      Thanks a lot yak…u can also reply directly to my email at suntea_edogawa@yahoo.com

      Cheers ^^


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