I miss them!

Suddenly, I want to eat these sweets.

1. Babongko

Indonesian traditional sweets, made from banana and coconut milk, wrapped in banana leaf and steamed. It is common sweet in holy month of Ramadhan, and very nice as a ta’jil (light meal after finishing fasting). When I was in Dumai, my mother’s friend always give her bobongko homemade cooking for us, and the taste was delicious!

2. Awug

Awug is made from grated coconut and palm sugar. Like bobongko it is also cooked by steaming in a special triangle steamer. I usually bought awug in Jl.Cileunyi. There is small cart selling this awug.

3. Kue ape

well, I have funny memories in term of “ape”. hahaha… It reminds me of high school memories. I always bought it after school. It’s very cheap, and very delicious, of course!

5. Kue putu ayu/kue mangkuk

I don’t the name of this sweets, when I search in google I found it in a website above and the name is kue putu ayu. Nice name! I usually named it kue mangkuk, because it is cooked in a small plastic bowl (we called bowl as mangkuk in Indonesia, so I called it kue mangkuk). I usually bought it near my bestfriend boarding house. Everytime I went to her boarding house, I always stopped by and bought this tiny green sweets. My bestfriend knows I love this sweets very much, so when I was hospitalized, she bought me a box full of kue mangkuk, and it was still warm enough when I ate it.

I miss those sweets very much!!!!!!!! To be honest I already fed up with Japanese sweets that always have same taste, very sweet with red bean paste inside.

Well, I must be patient until I come home to Indonesia, and I will make sure to eat those sweets above become my to-do-list. Insya Allah 🙂



Nilna Amelia


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