Happy Ied Mubarak

Dear diary,

Wow, it’s been so long since the last post. Well, two days ago was Ied Fitr. The victory days for moslema. So, I would like to say Happy Ied Fitr, All. May our soul comes fitri again. And, humbly I ask for forgiveness from all of you, if I did a mistakes, accidentally or not.

It was my first time celebrating Ied far away fromIndonesia. But, that’s okay, because my father and mother came to Japan. And I have many Indonesian friends in Fukui, so it was a very very nice Ied Fitr.

Happy Ied, all ^^

Wow, my small room could fit into 17 persons. Amazing! 😀


Nilna Amelia


First Summer Holidays

Dear diary,

My summer holiday is almost over. Tomorrow, I’ll be back to my daily routine: doing my research, spend a day in bioprocess lab. Yesterday, ” I don’t want to go to lab” feeling were humming in my head, make me felt so gloomy. But today, I don’t know what was happen to me. After I did my Subuh pray, I felt positive energy, and I feel like I’m going to have some fun in this second term of my master program.

Is it good, isn’t it?

Maybe it’s Ramadhan effects, where all of the kindness of Allah shower on you. Alhamdulillah.

Then, talk about summer holidays. Yes, I had fantastic holidays. My holidays started at the same time when Ramadhan begun. Brought back my memories when I was an elementary school student, you always had holidays when Ramadhan begun.

I’ve got two weeks of holidays precisely. I was very grateful, although it was short, but compared to my friends who didn’t have a holiday, I was so lucky.

I spent the first week of holidays finishing my homework and some reports. I took a long time for finishing it, but I made it. Then I went to Kanazawa for Indonesian gathering and spent a day in Kanazawa, with my friend, Karlina.

After that, I went to Tokyo. Alone and rode shinkansen again. Hahahahaa… Some of my friends were surprised when I said I went to Tokyo alone. Maybe they thought I’m too reckless. But, if I only waited for a friend to accompany me, then I wasted my precious holidays.

So, I went alone, to Tokyo.

In Tokyo, I met my high school friends, BJ and Farah. I spent three days and two night there. First day, we went to Akihabara, Indonesian shop, Meiji shrine, and curry shop. We were so exhausted that day, but it was paid by a glass of cold water. Hahahahaa… Oh, I bought a used camera, Nikon D40. Thanks to BJ for the advice.

The second day, I went to Roppongi hills with Farah. Roppongi hills is a highest building in Tokyo, and you can see the 360 degree view of Tokyo, just like Tokyo Tower, but a lot of better, I think. For the first time I used my new camera. Still didn’t get some nice pictures, I need lots of practice for improve my photography skill.

The best part of second day was iftar in Indonesian embassy. Iftar means the time when you break your fasting. Because it was Indonesian Independence days, the ambassador of Indonesia invited all of Indonesian to have iftar in their residence. I ate lots of food that day, I was so happy. Because I have very delicious Indonesian food in the big mass…hahahahaha….

The last day in Tokyo, I went to Takashimaya in Shinjuku area.  I bought some foreign books. In that time, there was a big sale on Kinokuniya, and some books are cheaper than amazon or another online shopping site. I bought three text books (all of them about chemistry which I “like” most), three novels, and a guide book of Japan tourism. I must thank a lot to Dina-san who told me about this event.

After three days in Tokyo, I went back to Fukui. I felt so lonely when I reach Fukui again. After spend some days with my friends, especially Karlina and Farah, I knew, I need a girl friend in Fukui. I miss all my girl best friends in Indonesia. And I felt like I want to move to Kanazawa or Tokyo, to the same campus like Karlina or Farah, so I could meet my friends there and have lot of chat everyday.

But it impossible. So I only could pray that someday a girl will come to study in Fukui University. Amiieeen…

Oh, I also spend my days chatting with my boyfriend, hahahaaa…doing some not-so-important things. But I enjoyed it. Thanks for being there for me, Zacky ^^

So, that’s all about my holidays. I had some fun times, and some sad times. But still I enjoy my holidays. Now, it’s time to prepare for tomorrow. Back to the reality: fungus, enzyme, and HBCD. then LC-MS, evaporator, and my new friend column chromatography. We meet again!

Homesick (again!)

Second days of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah, it went well. I tried to fulfil all my Ramadhan resolutions. Hope I can make it all of it.

Of course, Ramadhan in here is completely different from previous Ramadhan moments I’ve ever had.

In the first day, I almost cried when I went to the drug store alone at 08.00 P.M. The atmosphere was really different, no one wear sarung or mukena and went to masjid. No adzan. No Ramadhan atmosphere at all.

And I’m missing all those moments.

I’m missing “sahur” and “buka” time together with my family. Missing es teler that my mother always made for us. Missing waiting maghrib adzan on MQ TV. Missing go to masjid for taraweh. Missing “buka bersama” with my friends. Missing mentoring time, missing read Al-Quran with my friends.

Being in another country, and moreover no religion in here, make me really really wanna go home, and feels the real Ramadhan atmosphere in Indonesia.

For all of you who read this and still in Indonesia, I would say, you’re so lucky. So please treasure all those moments.

Really, you are so lucky…


Nilna Amelia

Marhaban ya Ramadhan

Dear diary,

Ramadhan almost comes. Times for all the moslem around the world greet this holy month happily, of course me too.

Although this Ramadhan will be the first Ramadhan without my family. I will have my sahur time alone. My parents in Bandung, and my brother in Germany.

And this Ramadhan, will be the first Ramadhan without ” Buka Bareng” in my home. Since I was high school, my house usually used as a place for “Buka Bareng” until I graduate. Usually at least there were twice “Buka Bareng”, for my high school friends, and my campus friends. Now I feel like I’m missing so much those times.

This Ramadhan also will be my first Ramadhan outside my home country. Surrounded by people who don’t do fasting, then very hot temperature. This Ramadhan will not be harder than before.

But, on top of that…

I am happy. Welcoming Ramadhan. The very special months among the rest of the months.

Wherever we are, whenever the situation is, whoever surrounds me, how hard it is, whatever it would be… Let’s cheer for Ramadhan!!

Happy Ramadhan everyone. Happy fasting! Lets make this Ramadhan unforgettable.

Please forgive all my fault, accidentally or not. And may Allah bless us, gives us all the kindness. And in the end, we could be the better person than before.


Nilna Amelia